Monday, August 17, 2015

Devotion 8.18.15

Today we pray for peace.  That peace we pray for is from our continued struggle that comes from sin.  Sin has corroded the relationships we have with our loved ones and those around us.  The definition of neighbor is narrow as sin has corrupted our view of others.  Our sin limits us from seeing our own sin (the log in our eye) while acknowledging the faults and sins of others.  Our sin has created immeasurable problems, and our greatest sin is that we fail to turn to God to seek his wisdom, guidance, forgiveness, as well as failing to ask that we are able to forgive others and give Him thanks for what We have.

We ask God to guide our eyes to focus on Him and Christ.  We ask for His Spirit to give us a measure of faith that leads us to live our lives in a manner pleasing to Him.  We ask that we forgive those just as Christ did from the cross and that as we live our lives on this earth, Christ give us the capacity to love one another, especially those we find difficult to love.

Hope Men's Ministry

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