Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Devotion 8.31.16

We are in our second week of school starting.  The new school year is an exciting time.  New teachers starting a new profession and returning teachers starting a new school year.  The school across the street shows signs of life at least a month before school starts as teachers come up to start work, decorating the room and getting materials ready for the new school year.

New years.  One begins in January for the calendar.  One begins in late August/early September for school.  New beginnings.  Children starting school for the first time and many returning for their next year of school at all levels, from kindergarten to college.

We pray for our students and teachers in all schools public and private.  We pray for our students who will begin a new year at church in Sunday school and confirmation.  We pray that they learn the truths of life and that the skills they learn help them as they grow in life.  We pray these skills help them learn how to be better disciples as they learn more about the Word of God and its application in our lives.

Hope Men's Ministry

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