Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Devotion 9.28.16

Do you ever wonder about what that really means… that God is eternal.  That means there has never been a time when God was not and there will never be one.  Even more mind-blowing, God created time.  That means God just is.  (Right now minds are exploding or imploding depending on how hard you are thinking about this).  But this truth as taught in the Bible is not simply something that speaks to the mystery of God. 

When the eternal God is an eternal God for us, that is comforting.  Since God is eternal, His Word is also eternal.  God is unchanging, so the Word of God is also unchanging.  John 1 tells us that Jesus is that unchanging Word from which God spoke everything into existence.  And it is that unchanging Word that died for you.  The world changes, but the promises of God don’t.  Our realities change as we move through time, but the promises of God don’t. 

Society will change around us, but the promises of God don’t.  It is comforting to know that we have an unchanging, timeless God.  That means that at any time and in every situation, we have a home base to return to.

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