Thursday, October 6, 2016

Devotion 10.6.16

We sang a song that I tend to take notice of when it is played on Sunday.  The theme reminds me to see the world as Jesus does, not as media, Hollywood, peers, or sinful nature sees it.  But, as Jesus sees it.  “Give me your eyes for just a moment” is a line in the song. 

You can listen to the song through the link below or by clicking here.  It’s a great song, but here is the point of the devotion… how would things be different if Jesus was the one to influence us more than media, more than politics, more than fear, more than society?  What if our eyes saw through Jesus’ eyes, our experiences guided by His Word, our reactions tempered by His patience, our sympathy strengthened by his mercy and compassion?

Sometimes I feel as if I am fed with eyes of hate, eyes of judgment or anger, not always Jesus’ eyes.  I think if we stopped, paused for a moment and asked ourselves, “How does Jesus see this?” we would find a slow change in our lives, for the better.  And think if enough people stopped and did the same thing, the world would start to look different.

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