Sunday, November 27, 2016

Devotion 11.28.16

Kliff is  our man.  So we heard on Sunday from Athletic Director Hocutt who had a press conference to say, essentially, "Not the season we wanted or where we want to be.  Kliff has agreed to delegate some offense decisions, and he will spend time dedicated to defense."  For those of you not familiar with the situation, Texas Tech will not make a bowl game for the second straight year and has a losing record for the second straight year.  Coach Kliff Kingsbury, extended in his first year through 2017 for a large sum of money, has not delivered on expectations and after the last game of the year against Baylor, many fans were saying the team needed new leadership.  Now the athletic director says no, he's still our man.

There are many ways to read this.  You could take him at his word.  Kliff is the man.  Or you could read between the lines.  Was this an administrative trick meant to draw a line that Kliff can claim he retained his job to other teams interested in his skills?  "No, I wasn't fired.  I kept my job, so I'm not looking because I don't have a job."  That makes a candidate more appealing in some cases.  Or, was it meant to draw a mutual line for Kliff, a Tech graduate with loyalty to Tech, who would then say, "No, I'm not interested in defense, so I'm planning on leaving and not asking for my large payout due me because I'm leaving and not being fired"?

You make the call, but if you have felt dissatisfied with the Tech football program over the past few years, the message for now is "more of the same."  Not that Kliff isn't a fan favorite or appealing to the team.  When he was chosen, there was a candlelight vigil when it was announced in celebration of the choice.  He was, in short, a logical choice.  Kliff would deliver on the promise started earlier that the big offense and daring plays would win out because he had led that offense for a time as a Tech QB.  Kliff would be that return to that promise.  Now, Tech fans the world over have started saying, "Defense is important."  We will, over the course of the next few months, need to see the plan unfold.

In Advent, starting in earnest yesterday (Sunday, Nov 27), we observe Christ's coming to earth in anticipation of his eventual return.  Advent marks that point where God's plan unfolds involving his Son, Jesus Christ, born into this world as an infant.  As Isaiah notes in chapter 9, "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given." (v 6)  We begin the observance of the coming Christ and witness God's plan unfold as we await for God's final plans to unfold.  Pray that we remain vigilant in our time of preparation during this time and that our preparation continue throughout our days on earth.

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