Monday, February 6, 2017

Devotion 2.7.17

A gig (that's a musician's name for an event in his or her schedule) I've really begun to enjoy is the opening of Sunday School in the sanctuary each Sunday where I play "Mr. King." Perhaps the name itself is the reason since it adds to my already large ego, which my wife would say is true because I've asked to be called that at home as well.  Perhaps it is because I share the stage with "Gordy," a puppet operated by Brent Smith as we talk about stuff.  And perhaps it is because there are children in the audience ages 3 to about 5th grade who seem to enjoy "Gordy" and will talk to him when he's out and about.

We talk each Sunday and it usually goes something like this:  Gordy does something silly, for example he once found a dog and wanted to keep it even though it may belong to someone else;  Mr. King usually asks Gordy a series of questions, as in one episode where Gordy wanted to learn more about fishing and so we got the kids to fish for other kids with "gummy worms;" then we tie it to scripture and watch a video; and finally, Gordy gets it, Mr. King affirms it; and we close out in prayer and send the kids to class.

My enjoyment is the level of enthusiasm of the kids.  As we've grown into this relationship (we just began our turn at this back in September), we've learned how to talk back and forth.  I make more eye contact with Gordy and with the kids, and we are in a rhythm now.  When I finish, I walk into the Adult Bible Study where we are far more sophisticated and talk about mature topics.  Yet, we are all bound by a simple truth that is spoken so well in a child's song.

"Jesus love me, this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to him below,
They are weak but he is strong
Yes, Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me,
The Bible tells me so."

No truer words were ever spoken, and despite of our level in age, that simple truth should always be at the forefront of our minds.

Hope Men's Ministry

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