Saturday, February 23, 2019

Devotion 2.22.19

Think of some of the most manipulative people you’ve ever met?  Or heard about?   Maybe someone from a movie even. . . .

How about Keyser Soze from “The Usual Suspects”.  (Spoiler Alert!!!)  Here you have a man who appears to be some low-level pawn and he convinces everyone, including a chief investigator, that he’s a nobody throughout the whole movie.  In the end, you find out he is the master manipulator and villain, Keyser Soze himself.  One of the great quotes of the movie is included in the picture below.

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Manipulation is a telling of half-truths or a covering over of the truth by the holder of information.  The Devil loves that game.

But we all have times when we fall prey to this temptation.  The book we’re exploring refers to this side of us as “The Manipulator” or “Shadow Magician”.  Remember, this role of “Magician” in men is played out in the right way when we take on information and pass it on for the good of others.  The “Manipulator” also gathers information, but only doles it out for his own benefit and often at the expense of others.  How often are we tempted to tell half a story or omit half the details because doing so will paint us in a positive light at work… with our wife… with our kids… at church even….

So, it’s important that we not think of this role in our lives as just about being smart, or even wise.  All the information and insights we gather are only good when they are told in truth and for the building up of others.  Pray right now for wisdom and that God would help you find people you can speak the truth to.  People who will love you and help you grow into all God is forming you to be.

Dan Borkenhagen
Associate Pastor
Hope Lutheran Church & School

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