Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Devotion 7.7.16

When you choose someone to follow, what criteria do you use?  Do I look for someone like myself, who espouses ideas similar to my own, who may have traits I desire to exhibit?  Basically, we tend to follow people who have something we either admire or desire.  In some sectors of life, we call them "mentors," and in others, we may refer to them as "heroes."

Yet, these people are human, and when we learn of something in their lives less than desirable, we become disappointed.  You can think of people in which that has happened, from celebrities to people you know personally.

The topic for the upcoming youth camp next week is "Follow and Share."  Who do we follow?  What does it mean to "follow Christ?"  And when given an opportunity, how do we share? In truth, we are going to follow several people in our lifetime, so what time do we give Christ, whom we profess and confess in our articles of faith?  Do we share what we learn from Christ, like we might from a baseball camp when we go and learn from a great or a coach we respect?

Peter, James, and John go to the mountain top with Christ during his Transfiguration, during which Moses and Elijah appear and Christ is shown in his glory.  Peter, caught up in the moment, suggests they build tents for the three to stay, which Luke notes "not knowing what he said."  (Luke 9)  Yet our youth, and ourselves, are like Peter.  Easy to be a strong Christian while at camp, when on a mission trip, when at church.  Easy to profess that faith.  Easy to look and be considered strong in faith.  Yet once we come down from that mountain top, the glow wears off, and within a week, life happens.

Pray as fathers that you reinforce what your son or daughter learns while at camp.  Pray that we as a congregation reinforce our youth and each other as they learn about Christ, whom we follow, and how to share that faith with others.  Pray for the courage to profess and confess our faith to others, including those who may not be receptive to that faith.

Pray for me, Pastor, Austin Ratke, Ashley White, and Katie Pendergrass as we go to be leaders in the camp and for our youth and all youth who attend.

Hope Men's Ministry

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