Friday, July 8, 2016

Devotion 7.9.16

Stephen Covey tells us that a successful person "begins with the end in mind."  So, when I had the opportunity to deliver the message on Father's Day a few Sundays ago, I suggested that parents, moms and dads, sit down and ask, "What do we hope for our children when they become adults?" In essence, what qualities in terms of behavior and in terms of beliefs do we hope to develop in our children?  Not what do we want them to be when they grow up, but what essential qualities do we expect for them?

As we approach camp for our children under the theme "Follow and Share," we've been bouncing around character traits we hope to discuss with our youth when it comes to "Spiritual Development."  Here are some of the themes:  Lead/Follow; Teamwork; Courage; Maturity/Wisdom. 

There are any number of scriptural passages that support each of these, so the themes are given to you as parents and as members of your own congregations (not all Lutheran).  As you develop your own children and youth in your midst, what commitment do you have to develop these boys and girls, soon to become young men and women, with Christian character traits, that they will take with them into their own adult lives?

Pray for our youth.  Pray that God's Spirit strengthen them as they literally take a retreat to develop their faith lives in the name of a camp. 

Hope Men's Ministry

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