Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Devotion 1.4.17

I was watching Gary Kubiak live yesterday as he announced he's leaving the game of football.  Kubiak, a native of Houston, has been a part of the game for a number of years.  He played at A&M, and after playing behind John Elway for a number of years, he began coaching.  His head coaching years were spent in Houston and then Denver, where the Broncos won the Super Bowl last year.

Kubiak is close to my age (57), but he noted during the press conference that head coaching began taking a toll on his health.  He said that Bob McNair (Houston Texans' owner) is still a good friend of his, and the year he was relieved of his head coaching duties (which Kubiak said happens "in this game," McNair suggested he take a year off).  He went to Baltimore for a year and then "I got a call from John."  He fulfilled his potential by making Denver a champion quickly.  BUT, as he noted, he knew something had to give at the beginning of this year.  Consequently, he shifted duties to delegate some of those head coaching duties, which by game four or so, he noted, he took back.  "I just couldn't change," he said.

We seek to make meaningful change and somehow it just doesn't happen.  This time of year, the new year, is specifically a time where we take a date and say, "It's going to be the year I...."  The makers of gym wear, clothes and shoes and such, love this time of year because all the "It's going to be the year I...." typically involves health and wellness.  Sales soar and goals fail, typically by about the end of February.  Why is that?

Goals fail for a variety of reasons.  That said, what makes a goal attainable and habit forming?  Over the next few days, we will look at those goal in the context of Christian men seeking to be faithful Christian men who walk with Christ to be the kind of man, husband, father, son, brother, friend God calls us to be.

We pray that our goals, whether resolutions or goals we set during various times of the year, are centered under the knowledge that all we have is Christ's and that we do the things we do to glorify him, no matter how insignificant the action might seem to us.

Hope Men's Ministry

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