Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Devotion 1.5.17

Once upon a time, I ran distances.  Once upon a time, our church had a new pastor who discovered I had finished couple of marathons (note the past tense of that). When he discovered I had marathon experience, he asked, "Would you want to run another one?  I'd like to learn and finish one."  Let me think about it, I responded. No, was what I wanted to say, but after about a week, that desire to run another one got into my blood.  So, I met with him over lunch to say, "Here's what you are going to need to do...."

Whether or not you are choosing to run a marathon, or seek a college degree or a grad school degree, or restore a car, or some other achievement of a personal or public nature, the first thing you have to do is state the fact that you are going to do something.  I am going to (name the activity or goal) this year.

One reason that goals fail is because they go undeclared or unstated.  I found it strange, but I've heard this in leadership circles enough to know it is true.  Even more interesting, you don't have to share it by standing in front of a group and say, "I am here to announce...."  You can share it with a person you trust, a spouse or a close friend.  Some people even hire personal coaches who become that confidant who is there to hear the goal or achievement and begin working with you to accomplish that.

How does that transfer to our faith?  As followers of Christ, we hear the call, but we resist the call.  Jesus, in walking past Peter and Andrew, said, "Follow me and I will make you fish for men."  At once, they left their nets and followed him. (Matthew 4:18 - 22)  Peter and Andrew immediately dropped their occupation to follow Christ, literally.  What is Christ calling you to do?  Is Christ talking to you as a husband, a father, a brother, or a friend and neighbor?  Or as an employee? Is he asking you to consider improving that facet of your life, be it health, attitude, ability, knowledge, skill?  And what is our response?  Resist, or realize we need to move forward?  If you seek improvement, declare it to someone you trust or to a group.  That's a big first step to accomplishing something, and doing it in Christ is a great step as well. 

We pray that we continue to grow and strengthen in Christ as we grow and seek improvement.

Hope Men's Ministry

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