Monday, June 29, 2015

Devotion 6.30.15

Health.  When the word is mentioned, what comes to mind?  I'm guessing that most of us went directly to our physical health.  The kind of shape I'm in by appearance, the numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, PSA....), feeling (pain for example), weight, and other factors. 

Let's look at the larger picture of health though.  What drives health and a desire to be healthy?  Something since childhood (a friend of mine ran track since age 12 for example and still remains fit)?  Was it something the doctor told you?  Do this or you will die young.  Was it driven by your own motivation?  And when we talk of health, do you see more than just physical health?  Mental?  Emotional?  How about even spiritual?

Proverbs 14:30 speaks to this.  "A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot."  Health is a good thing.  Caring for one's body is scriptural (as we will discover), but health comes from the mind and spirit as much as from training the body.

We will spend time over the next few months examining this as well as assessing our own body, mind and spirit.  We will also insist that any work done toward improving one or all of these three during this time be done with Christ as the central focus.  What does working to improve one or all of these areas do for us to be better stewards sharing God's Word to the lost?

Pastor provided a well-developed and extensive handout at church for those who are members of Hope Lutheran, so if you are not a member, we will attempt to reference that during this "Summer of Health."  In the meantime, begin asking yourself these questions:  If I could set a goal for health, what would that be?  How might I consider sharpening the body, mind, and spirit (or how might I settle on picking just one or two?  which would they be?)?

Think about it, pray about it, and remember that we are Christ's vessels, given life to serve Him.

Hope Men's Ministry

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