Friday, June 5, 2015

Devotion 6.5.15

We like to name drop.  Who is more connected than whom and how.  It's like the game of Top the Bat.  "I have a friend who works in the governor's office who can personally take care of this."  "Oh? I'm friends with his commissioner of education."  "My friend works next door to his chief of staff."  "Oh? I hunt with a guy who was in the army with him and the governor calls him periodically."  And so it goes.  We like to be connected, be it politics, sports, Hollywood, and other such places where being connected puts us "in the know."

Connections are a source of influence and power.  We like to pose in some ways as people who possess such, at work, in our circles, or other places where it can be displayed.  Paul does such in Acts 22 when he is taken away to be beaten and flogged.  "Is it lawful for you to flog a man who is a Roman citizen and uncondemned?" (v 25)  That questions sent the centurion and the tribune into a tailspin. 

Christ, on the other hand, never uses his earthly status mentioned in Matthew 1.  He never really pulls the "son of David, son of Abraham" lineage out as the council is seeking his arrest, "trial," and execution.  That it was known and documented in Matthew (and Luke) bears meaning, but that he did not use it to his advantage tells us much about our savior, the Christ.  He speaks volumes in his resistance and discipline by not saying, "Excuse me, but are you aware of my lineage?"  When asked about being the king of the Jews, his response is, "You have said so."  (Matthew 27:11)  Such mastery is worthy of learning.

We pray we exhibit the humility and discipline our Christ did.  We pray that we seek him, and that only through him do we draw meaning and purpose. 

Hope Men's Ministry

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