Sunday, February 14, 2016

Devotion 2.15.16

February 15        “Beloved, If God So Loved Us, We Also Ought to Love One Another” (1 John 4:11) 

In the wake of Valentine’s Day… Pause on that.  “Wake” can mean after something, like after Valentine’s Day, but “wake” is also used for a visitation at a funeral home. You go to see someone who has died. Maybe your heart says, We used to be so in love those early Valentine’s Days, but love died and now I mourn at the wake of love that has passed. 

The past is past, bury it, but make today different. Repentance trusts God’s promise that your sins are forgiven, and that includes forgiveness for any part you played in the death of love. Forgiveness leads to life changes, especially in relationships. “Be filled with the Spirit,” Paul says, and that’s through Scripture, worship and prayer (Ephesians 5:18-21). The Spirit fills you with new love in relationships, all your relationships, including husbands and wives in Christ. “A threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12). After Valentine’s Day, let your regrets, your “wakes” for love be buried with Christ. Today He lives; we love. 

CTRL+ALT+DEL: Spirit of God, fill our relationships with the love of Christ.  Amen.

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