Saturday, February 20, 2016

Devotion 2.20.16

February 20        Flawed Parents 

Driving his daughter Elizabeth home from kindergarten, the man was pulled over for speeding. The officer came up and Elizabeth saw her dad, the confident Sunday morning preacher, turned into a stammering, weak excuse of a man. These times come, times when children see their parents are flawed. Put it theologically, these are times when children raised in Christian homes start to distinguish between God and their parents as God’s representatives. 

God gave the Ten Commandments on two tablets (Exodus 32:15). The first group of commandments tells us our duties toward God, leading with “You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3). The second group deals with our duties toward our fellow human beings. At the head of that group God put, “Honor your father and your mother.” Martin Luther: “Next to God we give them the very highest place.” 

As good as he was in so many things, King David regretted not acting as God’s representative to Absalom. You’ll hear about that tomorrow in worship, another incentive to reboot through repentance. 

CTRL+ALT+DEL: Heavenly Father, for Jesus’ sake forgive our parenting sins. Reboot us to see these are Your children more than ours. Amen.

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